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Choosing the best hubs for a mountain bike from several available models and types can be tough. Everyone wants to buy the product that is worth his or her money. Hence, people do research before buying and read product reviews. Information has become very handy online so it is easy to check on which product suits one’s budget, need and preference.


Product reviews are great as they come from actual users or owners of the product who give their personal impressions. That is why everyone is encouraged to also give their product reviews if they have bought mountain bike hubs and had tested them thoroughly already. It could help other consumers from all over the world who are scouting for the product on the web.

Best Hubs For a Mountain Bike

As for mountain bike hubs, here are 5 of the best hubs for a mountain bike based on reviews, as well as people who already own or wish to own them:


Stans 3.30 Type II rear hub


The Stans 3.3 type II rear hub is a lightweight item that is decent and durable. It is durable, has smooth bearings as well as soft and nice free hub sounds. Stan manufactures high performance hubs designed to be smooth, light and easy to maintain. The Stan hub offers high performance which meets the demands of cycling from riders and racers.


Shimano Deore XT


The Shimano Deore XT puts any rider in control in every adventure on the trails. While shifting is more stable and easier, it gives better riding experience. Its gear ratios are designed for a more efficient ride. Riders will love the side swing derailleur that is specially made for easy shifting. With the Deore XT, even going for a more aggressive ride uphill should cause no worry because the gears maximize traction and deliver reliability and toughness.


WTB Laser Disc Super Duty


The WTB laser disc super duty hub is solid and super strong that it takes a beating and does not miss a beat. It is ultra durable and downhill-specific to bear any brutal abuse. Designed for a 20-mm thru axle, it totally gets rid of side flex in the wheel’s area. This hub is simply perfect for a hardcore disc hub application.


Hope Pro 2 EVO rear hub


One of the hubs for your bike is the Hope Pro 2 EVO rear hub. It has the reputation for its bullet proof feature. Its cartridge bearings are sealed stainless steel, and its shell is machined from aluminum billet that is forged. The Pro 2 EVO is available to fit all types and sizes of axles. Weighing 295 grams, its reliability is said to be unsurpassed.


DT Swiss 350


The DT Swiss 350 is lockable and a light hub that performs well and delivers a good engagement and is future proof. Its ratcheting sound is cool, and it can basically match any standard. It is not so heavy, and is also smooth, quiet and easy to install. It gives no issues and is expected to last long. Those who have their wheels built up on DT Swiss 350 are happy. This product is considered the best of all mountain bike hubs. It is just pretty impressive and highly-recommended as worth the buy.

Best hubs for a mountain bike
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